Happy Firday! – Red White and Blue Water Drop.

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San Francisco here I come!

I found out this week I’m going to San Francisco for 4 days at the end of May.  Jim Nix at Nomadic Pursuits posted Top Photo Spots in San Francisco. This has given me a great start on planning my trip. If you know of anywhere else, especially stuff that’s off the beaten path, please let me know.  Even if it’s an hour or two away don’t hold back, I will be traveling while I’m there.

I have added a rating system to the bottom of every post, and a likes or dislikes to the comments.  Rating will go as follows 10 stars mean you love the photo and want to buy purchase one.  1 star means I would have to pay you to hang the photo in your house. In case some of you are have any bright ideas, let me mention, the current rate of one star is, I will pay $0.01.* In all seriousness if you do choose to vote below a five could you please leave a comment why. Also if have any opinions on the ratings plugin, please feel free to share. I would you to get your input.

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Red White and Blue Water Drop.

This photograph really reminds me of Blue Blood, Red Blood! . Although I have to admit I really like the post “Blue Blood, Red Blood!” so much more. The only reason I like it more is because it gave me the chance to let everyone know how I feel about the movie Twilight. I think Twilight is the best movie ever! That’s right I said it, the best. When it comes to sleep aid medication, nothing beats the movie Twilight, not even Tylenol PM.  Whenever I can’t sleep I pop it in and I’m out in 10 min. But on the off chance it takes longer, it pure torture for those extra minutes, but that rarely happens. Oh yeah the best part is, it’s totally non addictive. In fact it anti addictive, you watch it once, you’ll never want to see it again.

The drops are water, and the coloring if from food coloring and flash gels. Not much more I can say. If you have any questions let me know. Have a great weekend.

Red White and Blue Water Drop.

Red White and Blue Water Drop

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Lady Fi - This shot is spectacular!

Jim Nix - Cool shot Ryan and thanks for the shout out, I really appreciate that! Have a great time in San Fran, you will be clicking like crazy. I love that town. Jim

Ben Tucker - Nice shot and write up! I really want to have a go at some water droplet shots and some smoke shots in the not too distant future

Jason Hines - I always love your water drop photos. Nice job!

Chris Nitz - Wow! Great colors and fantastic capture. Very awesome shot!

Kristi Hines - Beautiful shot – I love the colors in this one!

Birgitta - Amazing shot Ryan!

danou - stunning catch !!!!! a great web site photos ! congrats !!!thx for you comment :)

Chris Kenison - Great shot! Love the colors!

Chris DeAngelis - Spectacular shot! Your water drop shots are just great!

Steve Beal - That is really an incredible capture, it looks like an alien object – colors are fantastic!

Steve - Beautiful!

Rue Du Lavoir - Magnifique photo…
Une superbe technique parfaitement maîtrisée…
Un grand bravo !

Theys monochrome. - Love the colors!

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