Chilling by the Pool at Miami Metro Zoo.

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Last week I bought a monitor calibrator, after using it I started to ask myself, “What in the world took me so long to get one?”. I ended up purchasing the X-Rite EODIS2 Eye-One Display 2 Before I go into all the positives, let me tell you my one con. I have a dual monitor setup, and in order to calibrate multiple monitors you must a video card for each monitor. So unfortunately I can only calibrate a single monitor on my system. I was watching Brian Matiash web tutorial at Onone, and decided to purchase the calibrator and X-Rite ColorChecker Passport .
The first thing I did after calibrating my monitor was to have 10 photos printed without any color correction at a local print shop. I brought them home to compare to what I was actually seeing. I was in complete shock! Lots of my photos now look like terrible to me, and the ones I printed looked about the same. First the setting I had been using all this time was entirely too bright. I also now see a lot of clipping especially in the blue. I was not able to see any of this with my original settings. Hopefully all of the photos I process from here on out will be less saturated, no clipping, and just flat out better. If you have any thought or opinions on this please feel free to share.
I will write more about the ColorChecker after I have had a chance to use it more. I can tell you; so far I can say it has made editing the one photo I have taken with it, so much easier.

My Daily Photo – Chilling by the Pool at Miami Metro Zoo.

Tiger Chilling by the Pool at Miami Metro Zoo.

Chilling by the Pool at Miami Metro Zoo.

Camera: Canon 50D
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f2.8 with 1.4 extension
Exposures: 1
Processing: Photoshop CS5, Color Efex Pro 3.0
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A.Barlow - Great shot! Reminds me once again I need to get back to the zoo!! Maybe this weekend…

I like how you got the cat looking right at you. That’s awesome.

Thanks for reminding about the color calibration also, I need one of these 😐

Brian Furbush - Very cool shot…and nice heads up on the calibrator!

Krunal - nice capture

My Ugly Photos - No problem Brian, I’m glad to share.

Chris DeAngelis - I really need to start calibrating my system too… There’s always something else to get huh? Great shot, love that face!

Wayne Frost - I love the big cats, Ryan. The way this guy is squinting it looks like her could have used some shades.

My Ugly Photos - It’s never ending Chris. Whats even worse, is there is always new that I want.

Captain Kimo - Excellent capture!

ken bello - Another great shot. I’m interested in the monitor calibration devices that are out now. If they all calibrate to a standard, shouldn’t they all be equal? And wouldn’t all brands calibrate the same? If you calibrate 10 scales or balances using different methods or standards, they should all give the same result. Yes? No?

My Ugly Photos - Thanks Kimo

Jan Winther - Great shot of the big cat! –
Im in the market for a monitor calibration device, and I look forward to hear more of your experiences with it.

My Ugly Photos - That,s a great question ken. You would think they would all equal , but isn’t that like saying all schools are equal because they have the same standard. I based my decision solely from reviews from B&H and Amazon.

Chris Wray - Wonderful capture!

Jimi Jones - Great photo.
You can tell by the head that there is an aweful lot of cat below the waterline. :-)

Klaudia J - beautiful work, color, moment …

Pam McNamara - Fantastic portrait Ryan. I love big cats. Thanks for dropping by my SC blog :)

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